Custom LED Lighting Solutions

Unlock your imagination with our custom LED solutions. Make your dream luminaire into a reality.

GO Lighting is the industry leader for custom LED solutions, offering the ability to fabricate unique luminaires to complete your architectural vision — your choices are not restricted by our catalogue.

The design team at GO Lighting has a long history of custom lighting design and implementation. Our custom products can provide the crowning, artistic touch for a project — anything from a single focal point pendant to a set of unique wall sconces. One size does not fit all.

From slight adjustments to different finishes, colours, and shapes, our locally-manufactured products will provide a dependable performance every time.

Our Design Process

When you start a custom project, GO Lighting will assign a dedicated engineer to transform your architectural vision into a fully-functional fixture, with the same dependable performance as a standard GO Lighting product.

  • Your Vision

    We start by transferring your vision to powerful design software and modelling future fabrication. Actual fabrication starts with the LED light engine, which is custom-built to provide the correct settings for your luminaire, including the appropriate form factor, thermal properties, expected L70 lifespan, and evenness of illumination.

  • Fabrication

    We work with the best fabricators in the industry to deliver a quality finished product that provides energy efficiency, full control of colour and luminosity, and zero maintenance requirements.

  • The Finished Product

    While each luminaire may look entirely different, we use the same standard components when creating it: LEDs, power supplies, thermal interfaces, and so on. This approach marries the proven benefits of our established LED technology with a custom design, offering dependable performance and architectural beauty.

Transform Your Architectural Vision into a Custom LED Luminaire

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