New Year, New Builds, New Lighting

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Welcome to 2018 — a new year full of possibilities, new construction, and new lighting!

A new year provides us with an opportunity to start fresh with our plans, our goals, and even our dreams. It’s also the time of year when construction planning gets underway for the busy spring building season.

GO Lighting 2018 Resolutions

At GO Lighting we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the most innovative LED lighting solutions on the market. In 2018, we are resolved to:

  • Continue to provide innovation in LED technology.
  • Help individuals and businesses make informed choices for better lighting.
  • Work alongside customers to make their visions a reality.
  • Push the envelope in LED luminaire technology.

New Builds

January is a busy time for architects and construction businesses as they gear up their plans and contracts for the upcoming building season.

Our expert team is ready to help you determine the best lighting choices for your unique environment.

We offer customized LED lighting solutions to work in indoor and outdoor environments, on ceilings and walls, directional or down lighting, the options are endless.

Whether you’re an architect, contractor, or engineer, our expert team will work with you to transfer your vision from a concept to a finished product.

Building Trends

Not all builders can afford to build LEED qualified buildings, but the trend in the marketplace is to construct buildings and commercial buildings that offer environmentally sound options and cost savings. Here are some keys trends to be aware of:

  • Property Owners and Commercial Tenants are looking to reduce their costs.
    • One of the simplest ways to lower expenses is to installing LED lighting because it is extremely energy efficient.
  • Property Owners and Builders are looking to reduce maintenance calls.
    • LED lighting is virtually maintenance-free.
  • Property Owners and Building and Tenants are looking to enhance safety.
    • LED lighting produces very little heat and substantially reduces the risk of fire.
    • When it comes to public safety, LED bulbs will last for thousands of hours without requiring changing — this means that parking garages, laneways, storefronts, etc. can remain lit at night, which enhances public safety.
  • Property Owners want to understand where their energy costs are going.
    • LED lighting can be set up to be monitored and controlled so that both usage and savings can be easily reviewed and accounted.
  • Businesses are looking to create environments that showcase their products and enhance productivity.
    • LED lighting can create lighting without hot spots and shadows, which makes it ideal to show off products on shelves or in showrooms — and it has helped to increase worker productivity because it doesn’t flicker like fluorescents and doesn’t emit ultraviolet radiation, like CFLs.

There are plenty of good reasons to design for, and build with, LED lighting fixtures. Contact GO Lighting and we’ll help you with your next project.

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