Custom LED Lighting Solutions for All Situations

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Custom LED lighting is a beneficial option for a wide variety of locations and for many different uses. Custom solutions can be crafted for any kind of interior or exterior space — from retail to warehouse, parks to hotels, offices to transit systems. We will design, craft and install anything from wall sconces and focal points to ceiling troffers. GO Lighting can do it all.

Innovative Approach

GO Lighting has a proven history of innovation. We work with the most powerful software available and can turn a visionary concept into a reality.

FUN FACT: We have actually turned a sketch on a napkin into a beautiful and functional LED light fixture!

Many larger companies are not able to process custom requests and changes, so we pride ourselves on being able to take existing fixtures and modify them to your specific taste and requirements. Because we are smaller, we can design and build a 4’ x 4’ LED light fixture as a custom piece by integrating existing pieces to create a completely unique fixture without stopping massive production lines.

Dedicated Design

Whether you’re a professional architect, a contractor, or a project manager, our expert team will help you through the design process in order to achieve exactly what you envisioned.

We are focused on making sure you get the support you need to bring your project to life. As part of our process, we will assign a dedicated engineer to your project to ensure consistency throughout the project from start to finish.

From a single focal point pendant, to hundreds of unique wall sconces, our custom designs are truly limitless. We can adjust the light output and input power to match your lighting requirement because we understand that one size does not fit all. The possibilities are endless.

Since our beginning we have illuminated millions of square feet and have provided both architectural and general illumination for a variety of spaces — all while drastically reducing energy consumption.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you with your unique LED lighting requirements.

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