What is LED Flat Panel Lighting?

When LEDs first came out, they were used for spotlights and indicator lights. Then, in November 2007, GO Lighting introduced the LED Flat Panel Luminaire to North America. What is LED Flat Panel [...]


LED Lighting: Better for Your Health

Do you suffer from afternoon headaches? Do your eyes feel strained and fatigued mid-day because of fluorescent lighting in your workplace? Are you sensitive to light?   LED lighting offers some [...]


Innovative Lightspell Art Installation

Last December, six new TTC subway stations opened to the public. One in particular was the Pioneer Village station, located on the west side of York University. This unique station is the first [...]


New Year, New Builds, New Lighting

Welcome to 2018 — a new year full of possibilities, new construction, and new lighting! A new year provides us with an opportunity to start fresh with our plans, our goals, and even our dreams. [...]